Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About What The Barn At Maple Falls Has to Offer...

Q. How many guests can I seat at The Barn At Maple Falls?

A. That will depend on what type of seating layout you choose and what additional space is needed for items such as a buffet, dance floor, bar, and band. The professionals at The Barn at Maple Falls will help you design a layout that best fits your needs. They can be reached at 814-233-8999. The Barn is also unique in the fact it can be expanded by opening the large sliding doors and tenting the 60’ x 80’ cement pad giving you an event space large enough to seat over 400 people.

Q.  Do I need to hire a wedding planner to help plan my wedding at The Barn At Maple Falls?

A. No, The professionals at Windswept will be there every step of the way to help you put your event together, and will provide a day of event coordinator as well.

Q.  Where will my guests and I sleep, and how will we get to and from the lodging?

A.  There are a few hotels close by including 7 Springs Mountain Resort that will provide shuttle busses to and from The Barn At Maple Falls.

Q.  Does the barn have air conditioning?

A. No

Q.  How to a schedule a time to see The Barn At Maple Falls

A.  Visits / Tours are by appointment  Please call 814-233-8999 to schedule your tour. We are looking forward to meeting you.